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"Nicky worked on my cat, Nora. She did some extraordinary work for her! Nora had some blood work that showed she was starting to have liver failure. Nicky was able to find some imbalances within Nora and within a week of Nicky's session and three Ozone therapy sessions Nora's blood work showed remarkably improved liver values. The vet didn't believe it was the same cat. Additionally, Nora seems more at peace since Nicky's sessions. In fact, Nora loves meeting with Nicky, even though it's done remotely. Nora just soaks up Nicky's energy, it's very cute to watch. I'm eternally grateful for Nicky and her sharing her gifts with us."

- Amanda, ~

Thank you so much for your beautiful healing sessions on our dog, Lila. The final session where you prepared Lila for her passing was one of the most powerfully moving experiences in my life. It gave me great comfort to know she was ready for her big journey. Thank you for holding space for us during that difficult time and helping us to all deal with her transition. Peace & Love, from a dear friend

- Dear Friend ~

Thank you for helping "Gigi" my horse. Her limp went away and the deep cut on her leg healed very quickly. It was fun to see how she enjoyed your energy. I will definitely call you if Gigi needs you again. 

- Elaine ~

Dear Nicki, Thank you for working on Mable after her tumor surgery. The surgeon couldn't believe how quickly she recuperated. She is now doing really well and we know that Reiki definitely made a difference with her pain and recuperation. We will send you some photos soon. Bob and I send you all our love and thanks.

- Sarah ~

Nicky I don't know how to start to thank you for helping cupcake with her seizures. We have seen a vast improvement in her seizures and her overall health. She seems more confident and enjoying life. Thank you again and I will continue with her sessions for as long as she needs them. I really recommend asking Nicky for help if your pet needs it!

-Jocelyn ~

It has been quite a journey for us with little Boo and his Brain tumor. Thanks to Nicky and her Pre and Post Op Reiki sessions her surgeon and vet cannot believe how quickly he has recovered. He is running around in our backyard full of joy and happiness. You and the surgical team have given our baby back is life and we will be forever in your debt. When can I book another session for Boo?

- Sonia K & Boo ~

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