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Would you like to be considered to join an Ascension group of Souls and become a Cosmanair?

Become part of a high frequency group and enjoy your ASCENSION healing journey AWAKENING you to your INNER LIGHT and MAINTAINING it at the same time!

We all go through classes, healing sessions, teachings and more to bring our bodies and minds to an awakened healthy state. This is all good and we feel great during and shortly after. However, life get’s ahold of us after a while and we tend to fall back into old patterns, routines and cellular memory cycles that make us feel like we are going backwards instead of forward and we find ourselves falling back into a cycle of 3rd dimensional FEAR which brings us into negative feelings toward Self and our life.

This happens because we are not consistent with our routine. It takes repetition to retrain our minds, emotions, and energy body to live in a Love based consciousness. Repetition and Consistency is the only way to do this so we can program our 3rd dimensional Being to shift up to the 4th/5th Dimensional Higher Frequency Being and stay there permanently vibrating as a multidimensional Being of Love.

This package has been designed to assist you to shift and grow from and attain that 5th Dimensional Bliss. It doesn’t matter whether you are starting on your healing journey, in the middle or have been working on your healing for years now. This package will assist you with:

  • Opening your psychic gifts.
  • Remove stuck energies and Emotions.
  • Activate & Upgrade your 12 strand DNA.
  • Awaken you to a higher Awareness of Love.
  • Understanding the Wisdom of the Ascension.
  • Imprint a Higher Vibration into the Cells of your Body.
  • Keep your Chakras balanced & in harmony with everything.
  • Cleanse your Auric field of any stagnant energies, rips, and tears.
  • Recalibrate your Luminous Body to that of a Higher Consciousness.
  • Remove any unhealthy cords and attachments you have from people and places.

All of which will have you realizing and living your unlimited potential as a Sovereign Being who decides for themselves what is right and true in all matters so you can find enlightenment.

To achieve this state of Freedom there are certain Cosmic Health activities that are recommended for any person who is wishing to improve their life and shift upwards toward a new and better life:

  1. Connect to Self through Meditation and Mindfulness.
  2. Cleanse the Energetic Body (meridians) through movement and Energy healing.
  3. Acquire the Wisdom of the Cosmos & Universal energies that are pouring upon us now.
  4. Use Sound to upgrade our Vibration to upgrade our Frequency to that of a higher consciousness.

Wow! That seems a lot… Right?

And you may be asking yourself; “How Can I Possibly Do All Of That?”

Well, it’s actually quite simple. Sign up for this program!

This program will cover all the above requirements in a fun and exciting way, so you do not get bored and want to give up. The idea is to create a group of Souls who are committed to ascend their energy and become part of a spiritual community that will eventually get together to go on Healing Retreats, Hikes etc. and be there for each other as we navigate this wonderful journey that we all have decided to come to Earth to experience.

Below you will find all the necessary information concerning this Ascension Package that will not only have you achieving the recommended Cosmic Health actions, but have you join an incredibly high frequency group of Love n’Light Beings so we can Transform and Grow together.


1st Thursday of every month: Jun. 8th | Jul. 6th | Aug  | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec


  • During this class you will receive updates on the energies to expect during the month so you can understand how to move through it with ease because you’ll know what to expect. 
  • Ascension updates and information so you can fully integrate the Ascension and 5D energy.

2nd Thursday of every month: Jun. 15th | Jul 13th  | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec


Nicky will take you on healing journeys using Reiki energy, Light Language, Crystals, Aromatherapy and more… You will receive, Activations, Awakenings, Healings, Light Code upgrades and more…. These classes may be held within the walls of Nibana Salt Cave & Wellness Spa or if the weather permits we will go outside in Mother Nature to reap the benefits of her pure energy. 

3rd Thursday of every month: May 18th | Jun. 22nd | Jul. 20th | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec


During this class you will be lead through movement to unblock your energy field and meridians. These techniques will be taken from Nicky’s training as a Yoga instructor, Thai Body massage practitioner & Energy medicine healer. These classes are to assist moving your life force energy (chi) within your Meridians so unblock stagnant energy from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. These classes will help you become more intuitive and aware.

4th Thursday of every month: May 25th | Jun. 29th | Jul 27th | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec


You will be led through a sound healing session to cleanse the entire month of any negative energies and prepare you for the next month. Once this has been achieved your energy will receive a balancing through sound, so you are ready to take on the next month empowered. You will receive some Light Language Code Activations to complete this month's healing.

When Are Classes Held?:

We meet once a week on Thursdays. Subject to change on a Saturday when necessary.

How Long Do The Classes Last?:

They are 75mins classes starting at 5:33pm

How Much Does The Package Cost?:

$144 per month 

  • A monthly committment reduces your payment so you only pay for 3 classes, the 4th is FREE!
  • We do ask for a commitment to come to all classes as much as possible to create the energetic connection 
  • You can opt to pay as you come. If you choose this option your total will be $185 for all 4 classes
  • Important!: Monthly payment students will have first priority to reserve their spot at these events.
  • For monthly students, if you cannot make the In-Person #1 and #2 classes we offer them via Zoom on the  2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month at 6pm.

Payment Process:

  • Payment will be taken on the 1st Thursday of class of every month from a credit card you provide.
  • No contract required and you can cancel anytime with one (1) months’ notice.
  • No refunds if you cannot make a class.

Where Will The Classes Be Held?

All classes will be held within the walls of Nibana Salt Cave & Wellness Spa. This can be in the School Of Wisdom or the Inner Sanctum Salt Cave. We will also be holding some outside when the weather permits so we can reap the benefits of Mother Earth’s pure energy.

How To Sign Up:

Send an email on Nicky [email protected] or call 443.949.9070 to be considered for enrollment into this Ascension Cosmic Health group.