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This membership offers an All Around & Complete healing journey through Nibana. You will tap into all 5 senses allowing you to really connect to your Authentic Self through cleansing & healing.

Enjoy the following 6 different Healing Modalities:

1 x Infrared Sauna

1 x Salty Group Class ReMeSa

1 x Salt Cave Experience

1 x Nibana's Community "Ropana Circle"

1 x Reiki Healing Session combined with 15 mins

Amethyst BioMat

You can also swap sessions between an Infrared Sauna, Salt Cave Experience or a Salty Group class.

Total Value of this package is: $257

Amethyst Membership Offer is: $222


This membership offers a deep cleansing through sitting inside our beautiful Salt Cave "The Inner Sanctum" or within the private walls of our Infrared Sauna where you can reap the benefits of Chromotherapy, Aromatherapy, listening to your own music or a meditation as well as open your body to the healing properties of Infrared.

This is a wonderful deep loving experience to gift yourself, going within to your heart space. Enjoy the following 4 healing sessions:


2 x Infrared Sauna

2 x Salt Cave Experience

OPTION #2: Choose 4 Infrared Saunas or 4 Salt Cave experiences instead of 2 of each.

Total Value of this package is: $164

Rose Quartz Membership Offer is: $144

Call 443 . 949 . 9070 for more information or drop by to Nibana