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Love n'Light Nicky

Inner Sanctum Salt Cave Healing Experience:

”Well my Dad and I both were given a very special welcome once we arrived for our Appt. Nicky the owner is an absolute delight! So warm & friendly as she made us both feel very comfortable starting with a nice tour of her beautiful sanctuary. Wow!! You really don't want to leave once you get there.... The combination of Nicky's personality and her awesome talent that went into decorating that place.... Very inviting for sure... So I chose the Salt Cave for our first visit with my Dad. When it was time to go in we both were shocked when Nicky opened this massive looking solid wood door slowly. OMG! We could not believe what awaited us  in the Cave!!! No Not Monsters or Bats..LOL.... All I can say is that you did an amazing job Nicky and my Dad and I cannot wait to go back inside.... Too cool in there!!!! Loved it for anyone with sinus issues... On session will clean and get things working again for you... I'm one of those people and I can tell you since we left I can breath so much better through my nose and my lungs feel so much better yea ha!!! Should mention that I do not smoke but those who do you better get in there and see for yourself... If I can tell a big difference.... Your going to feel a huge difference!... I prepurchase two Salt Cave vouchers awhile ago for my Dad who is 82yrs young and I'm certainly glad I went with him because we both had an amazing time. Thanks Dad! I can also tell you my Dad also feels the same effects as I do  and is breathing so much easier not to mention his sinuses have also cleared..... This medical grade salt being used is really really good stuff not to mention al the other benefits for your body.... we both actually felt better even when we left the store... Thank you Nicky and Sarah for being such a lovely host and making my Dad and I feel so welcome... Your place is beautiful, meticulous and clean... Hope this review helps anyone thinking about attending one of the sessions or services offered.... I highly recommend this establishment.... as for my Dad and I we are already on the books to go back!.”

- Robert & David ~

Inner Sanctum Salt Cave & HaloIr Sauna:

My first time experience was life changing at Nibana were Nikki offered exceptional customer experience and environment. I went for breathing, allergies and sinuses issues and left with benefits in a lot of other areas as well. I look forward to revisiting. I highly recommend.

- SC ~

Cranial Champissage & Amethyst BioMat Session:

”Such a beautiful experience, Nikki was wonderful the Spa is very beautiful full of love, peace and exceptionally clean and well kept. My experience was great I felt great and reenergized. Nikki is personable and very intuitive, she connects to your needs instantly and addresses them accordingly!! I highly recommend this experience!! I’m looking forward to my next visit!! Five stars is not enough!!”

- Dani ~

Inner Sanctum Salt Cave & HaloIr Sauna:

1 million stars!! From the décor, to the ambiance, to Nikki’s (owner) knowledge, professionalism and friendly demeanor. Check in was swift. 2 people, we did the sauna. It was clean, comfortable, and aromatic. The whole place is just esthetically pleasing, I didn’t want to leave. Afterwards, we received a tour. Wide variety of services offered. Definitely returning, please indulge yourselves!

- Lejoie ~

In-Person & Distant Reiki Healing Session:

I am a cancer patient. I was misdiagnosed two years ago and learned that the cancer had spread this past summer. After surgery, I am now in my fourth month of chemotherapy. I also am participating in the Reiki journey with Nicola-Jayne Aymes. Reiki is the perfect tool for my stress reduction. It is a holistic approach to relaxation through Nicky as the healer. I am grateful for Reiki as my attitude and outlook is now positive during this challenging time. It has been the perfect medicine for me. 

- Connie, Physiotherapist ~

Axiatonal Lines & Zeal Point Chakra Healing Session:

"I have been working with Nicky for years and I so appreciate having such an experienced practitioner to guide me on my journey. This session was so helpful in opening my connection and balancing my energy. At a time when things feel so uncertain and heavy, it can be really difficult to find grounding. I highly recommend this session for anyone feeling blocked or off track, and I would always recommend Nicky because we all need more love energy in our lives."

- Rebecca ~

Activation & Awakening Hypnosis Healing Meditation:

Nicky is such an amazing Reiki practitioner and once again this didn't dissapoint! The 5D session was absolutely wonderful! I had been feeling "Off" for a few days, but after this session I felt completely grounded and much lighter. It's been 3 days and I still feel great! I'm looking forward to the changes this attunement ushers in!

Thank you Nicky, for sharing your healing energy with so many! 

- Love and Light! "S." ~

Mentoring & 5D Reiki Ascension & Awakening Healing Session:

"I first met Nicky several years ago when a series of awakening events altered how I viewed myself and the world around me. I have had numerous Reiki and mentoring sessions, which always left me feeling refreshed, enlightened, and with a clearer vision of my past, present, and future. Various sessions have given me insight into my strengths and weaknesses, and how I can use both to change my experience for the better. Nicky is gifted, loving, insightful, visionary, lifting, light, and love; she is a true healer with a magical and mystical sense of all-knowing, and I'm a better person for having her in my life. All of the sessions I've been part of have been positive and uplifting."

- Sherri ~

Hypnosis Healing Group Meditation:

There are few things in a week I more look forward to than Nickys meditations. I feel loved, heard and acknowledged whenever I'm in one of her classes. If you're open to it you can go deep with her soothing voice as a trusted guide. 

She is a major part of my healing regimen. 

I have much love and appreciation for her.

- Nick, Musician ~

5D Ascension Awakening Healing Session:

I have been many things under Nicky's guide over the past 6 years. I trained and am Reiki I and II certified. Through Nicky and her business I have had the chance to visit and heal with Shamans, meet a Quero Paco from Peru, learn about crystals and their healing properties, join meditations with crystal sound baths, and receive the healing energy Reiki and other from Nicky herself.

I have completed eight 5D ACTIVATION & AWAKENING HYPNOSIS-MEDITATION sessions since the Spring and I have learned so much about myself and how I can tap into my own energy to help heal myself, how to use my gifts and how to help others during this time of transition. Every session is a unique journey. Nicky guides you, but you are there doing the work to help you uncover your true self and your true potential. These sessions have allowed me to make time for self care - I mean TRUE self energetic daily care, to communicate with my loved ones better, and to send out light where needed during these turbulent times without feeling personally drained. I am tapping into my intuition and trusting myself more than ever. Each session is unique and Nicky's special touch is felt during each session. The messages she shares after are always right on point. When I get my written "report" I read it over and over - it validates what I am feeling energetically and reminds me that I serve I higher purpose in addition to my own calling. I AM a lightworker here to help others, and so thankful for these sessions with Nicky!

- Kirsten ~

Hypnosis Healing Group Meditation:

"Group meditations - I participate in these as they are a continuation of my ascension work. I struggle with these and therefore find it necessary to continue to do them so that I may overcome these struggles. One in particular when we “Astral Travelled” was by far my favorite! However, I will not sell short any of the others either. It’s been a new challenge to do these via internet group calls, but Nicky is amazing, professional, yet still with a beautiful sense of humor. There is always time after the mediation to ask questions and to share. I’ve never felt rushed, which allows me to ask my questions, and I’ve never felt pressure to share" 

- Karen ~

Lemurian Temple Healing Session:

"Nicky's Lemurian Healing session was so amazing! I felt like I got the missing piece I had been trying to obtain on my own but kept missing. I had been struggling with depression and questioning how I fit into this world. Since my session with her I have felt more grounded and at peace. I'm connected to my source with a greater understanding of my purpose now. I'm so grateful for Nicky's work!"

- Amanda, M.Ed Academic Advisor ~

Distant 5D Reiki Higher Self Connection & Ascension Attunement Session:

"Nicky has been the "energetic" piece in my wellness protocol. My 5D Reiki sessions have resulted in a sense of lightness returning as I let go of things that no longer serve me. The best part is, I have a renewed joy for our journey on this earth plane. I had such positive results my sister signed up for sessions as well. Nicky is an accomplished healer that brings so much wisdom to her work and sessions. She has dedicated so much to the My Sanctuary, in Annapolis, and it shows. I highly recommend taking a session with Nicky, it's worth the investment.

- Kerry ~

Intuitive Mentoring Session:

"I do regular mentoring sessions with Nicky. I have found these sessions very helpful with and in addition to other things, working on the 5D ascension. However, some of these sessions were simply how to deal with every day life “issues“. Some of our sessions were more in detail about Ascension, the Crystalline grid, Lemurians, and other things. Sometimes my mentoring sessions were just me asking questions about things that I’ve heard Nicky discus and her filling in the blanks. I have found these mentoring sessions to be invaluable. I continue with these sessions because I have noticed change and growth in myself. I have become more aware Of my purpose, as well as aware of my own growth. I find Nicky to be relatable, compassionate, very, very non-judgemental, she offers unconditional love through every session (and I’m sure I can be a challenge at times, because sometimes I felt as if I were taking issues way beyond what was necessary) "

- Karen, Yoga Instructor ~

Distant 5D Reiki Higher Self Connection & Ascension Attunement Session:

"I have been a student and client of Nicky's for over 4 years. During this time I have had the opportunity to have many types of sessions and classes. Nicky's classes are well structured and she puts a lot of time and energy into everything she does -- whether it be a class or a session. My last healing session with Nicky was a distance healing. Even though it was a distance session, I still felt like she was right beside me in the room. It was simply amazing and I felt so wonderful afterwards. Regardless of whether you want to be a student or a client, the experience is priceless! Nicky is the "real-deal" and you will not be disappointed."

-Sonya, America's Lead Site Support Leader ~

Lemurian Temple Healing Session:

"I engaged in this session with Nicky as part of my ongoing ascension healing. This session was particularly wonderful! I enjoyed the visualizations, the sensations, and the post meditation discussion with Nicky was....spectacular. What I experienced she was doing! And all this done remotely! She’s amazing and gifted!"

- Karen, Yoga Instructor ~

Distant 5D Reiki Higher Self Connection & Ascension Attunement Session:

"Nicky is such an amazing Reiki practitioner and once again this didn’t disappoint! The 5D Attunement session was absolutely wonderful! I had been feeling “off” for a few days, but after this session I felt completely grounded and much lighter. It’s been 3 days and I still feel great! I’m looking forward to the changes this attunement ushers in! Thank you Nicky, for sharing your healing energy with so many!  

-Sarah, Special Ed School Teacher~

Distant 5D Reiki Healing Session:

The first session was very different from an In-Person Reiki session but had me feeling that something deep was happening to my Soul and whatever it was it was safe. The second session lead to some deep emotional blockage being taken out/away from me. I'd been having a lot of pain in my Sacral area and after that I feel no pain, no discomfort just a warmth. Whatever was taken away, I know I have been carrying for a long time without being able to shift it and it had been like a weight that has now gone! Since my sessions I have noticed that everything seems to be easier with no fear, worry or anxiety. I have already booked my next session and am excited for it! I recommend this new and upgraded energy.

- Dr. Rosa, Spain ~

In-Person Reiki Session:

T​here are people who use Reiki on a daily basis, I am one of them. I use Reiki within my sessions as a body worker dealing with clients with chronic pain. I often receive the usual comments about the warmth of my hands and how well the energy work dovetails with my other modalities. Then there are those people who don't just use Reiki daily, but live it. This is what I experienced with Nicky at Reiki Journey in Blacksburg VA. Someone who truly lives her beliefs and passions. My session was certainly relaxing, but there was a quality and focus that was present from the moment I walked in until long after I left. Nicky has the ability to zero in and focus the energy where it is needed. Nicky deserves the title of Reiki Master, not just because of her training, but because of how she conducts herself. We can all become more proficiency and knowledge, into knowing and being.

- Art, NCTMB Cranial Sacral Therapist ~

In-Person Reiki Healing Session:

Dear Nicky, Experiencing Reiki on your table has changed my life and opened my heart in ways I did not think were possible. Your transmission of Reiki has been a powerful yet gentle healing modality for issues I had stored which were both old and new. The healing I have experienced has been profound. The world would be a better place if everyone got Reiki from you! Much love and light.

- Ivi, Yoga Instructor | Reiki Master ~

In-Person Reiki Healing Session:

I have known and experienced REIKI for several years but it’s not until I met Nicky, a REIKI master, that I discovered the true benefit of REIKI. How it has helped me? I had a lot of conflicts about my career and what I wanted to do which affected my personal life. After having several sessions that helped me channel my positive energy, I was able to focus and see more clearly what was the right path for me. Nicky has given me that inner peace that I needed to be the best person that I can be. 

-Susana, VP of Human Resources ~

In-Person Distant Healing Session:

As a former massage therapist, I had some knowledge of Reiki and energy healing but never experienced it for myself. I had yet to meet anyone in the area who practiced Reiki. When I discovered that the amazing owner of Clay Corner Inn, Nicky Aymes, was a certified Master Reiki Practitioner, I made an appointment. What a profound, positive change in my physical and mental wellbeing Reiki has made. From the first session, I knew I discovered something special and have been receiving Reiki for over 7 months now. It is hard to put into words how Reiki makes you feel, and I can only speak from my experience. I can best describe it using an ailment that has plagued me for years. I have had a foot paralysis with severe neuropathy since 2001. It felt like 1,000 bees were stinging the top of my foot every day. It disrupted my sleep, affected my mood and I did feel a little helpless because I could not find relief no matter what I tried. After 1 Reiki session, the foot pain diminished and now it is almost non-existent. WOW! The relief of my foot pain is a Reiki miracle in my book and a testament to the benefits of Reiki. The feeling of serenity and calm I feel after each session is like no other treatment I have experienced – including massage therapy. I even became Reiki I and II certified in Nicky’s Reiki Journey classes, so that I can continue on my path of holistic healing. My advice to anyone who is curious is…give it a try and see what happens. Why not! You will be amazed at the difference even one session will make on your wellbeing.

- Kat, VTech University ~

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