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Welcome To Nibana's 


Ropana; a gathering of like minded people searching for a place to heal one's wounds & sufferings by planting seeds of 

knowledge & wisdom through sharing with others, followed by an Awakening to Freedom & Internal Peace

Join Nicky as she wishes to Pay It Forward to clients during these FREE Community Circle Gatherings for Existing Healing Haven Clients. Newcomers to the Healing Haven at Nibana Family are more than welcome on a Donation Basis.

Please See Dates & Times Below

JANUARY: Tuesday 3rd | FEBRUARY: Tuesday 7th | MARCH: Tuesday 7th 

Starting at 4pm

This is our community open hour of fun, sharing & healing. A place where you can feel safe to share what is happening in your life or just to learn & grow your Spirit to Freedom. As a group we can come together assisting each other as we share, release and cleanse allowing for deep healing to occur on all levels.

We plan to hold these on the First Tuesday of Every Month. However, sometimes due to holidays or other we may change the day or time. Reserving your spot starts on the 15th of every month for the upcoming Ropana Circle. Example: Ropana Circle of 1st November you can book your seat as of 15th October.

All subjects and Souls are welcome here. This is a place of Non-Judgement but a place of LOVE & SHARING. If you need healing in any area of your life, physically, mentally, or emotionally then allow yourself to open up and let it all go being supported as you release it all.

Ascension Cosmic energy is causing chaos right now creating upheavals & karmic density that we are all feeling. We will open to this and through Meditations, Sound, Breathwork or whatever may arise during these Ropana Gatherings assisting not only ourselves but the entire planetary energetics. The more we come together in Love n’Light the clearer we will all be.

What To Expect?

You will arrive to a warm cup of Tea. You will gather in the School Of Wisdom and take a few guided moments to connect with your Inner Self. You can be seated in a chair or lie down with some comfy pillows & throws. We will then open up the hour to whatever anyone has to offer. This can be questions, concerns, wisdom sharing etc. Everyone has a voice & wisdom to share and we invite everyone else to listen, participate & assist with releasing collective & individual Karma through Intuitive Channeling, Energy work, Cosmic energy & Ascension wisdom. Everyone has something to offer, and you will be surprised as you come to these events that you are not alone on your journey and may find comfort listening to others. Ascension energetics bring forth wonderful changes in our lives such as an awakening of Psychic gifts if we are willing to Trust, Believe & Journey into our Soul. 

What This Is Not

This is not a place to push your ideas, religions, beliefs on anyone. If you are a business owner and your idea is to come and look for clients, sell your products or sessions or hand out business cards or such like, this is not the place to do this and we would kindly ask that you come only to enjoy healing and learning with us.

Who Ropana People Are: We are all healers and we come together to assist each other heal on all levels.

We are so happy you have decided to join us and look forward to having you here. If for some reason you cannot attend we ask that you cancel so we can offer your seat to another Soul. 

Some days we will Talk, Meditate, Sound the Healing Instruments, Colour our Soul, pick Oracle cards or just sit and reap the benefits of the Salt Cave or just allow to see what shows up on the day.

Nibana is a safe & nurturing place to open to your Inner Child to find Balance & Freedom in our lives.

Come join us, you will not regret it!

Call 443 . 949 . 9070 to book your seat at the Circle