Nibana, Salt, Wellness, Reiki, Annapolis, Salt Cave


Annapolis, Wellness, Training, Yoga, Degree, Holistic, Nibana

Become a Certified Holistic Health & Wellness  Practitioner and create the career that you love doing.

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Workshops, Chanting, Breath, Dancing, Feeling, Holistic, Meditation, Yoga, 5D, Dimensions, Cosmic, Annapolis

Take any of these 2 hour workshops to enhance your own personal healing and allow you to acquire wonderful new knowledge .

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ICRT, Nibana, Reiki, Hands On Healing, Holy Fire, Nibana, Annapolis

In just 1 weekend you can start your Journey as an Energy Etheric Medicine Practitioner that will change your life and bring you joy!

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Shamanic Healing

Become a Shamanic Rites Of Munay Ki Practitioner and learn to share the share this Shamanic Transformational Healing method.

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